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  • How Kundalini Reiki Works
    How Kundalini Reiki Works

    When we say Kundalini, it usually refers to the opening of various "healing channels" and "charkas" that gives people easy access in gaining the energy of the Earth. Here, the "root chakra" serves as the center of energy that paves the way for the Kundalini…

  • The Melchizedek Method Reiki
    The Melchizedek Method Reiki

    The Melchizedek method reiki is one of the many types of reiki methods that have found to be widely practiced by people. This reiki method is considered by many practitioners to be one of the most advanced healing techniques available. It teaches a new form…

  • What are the Reiki Symbols?
    What are the Reiki Symbols?

    Reiki symbols play a very important role in carrying out this unique form of spiritual and physical healing. At one point, they didn't have any names and were simply numbered from one to five. But later on, each one of them stood for something and…

  • Reiki: Remove Psychic Debris
    Reiki: Remove Psychic Debris

    Psychic debris will accumulate and create blockages in your life force at all levels. This debris begins in the mental and emotional body. If you don't take care of it then, it can cause disease and illness in the physical body. This debris is a…

  • How Does Reiki Healing Work?
    How Does Reiki Healing Work?

    Today, more and more people are opting for other treatments other than using medications to help them achieve a more stable levels of thinking and emotions. This is because they have noticed that the more they depend on medication and treatments related to it, the…

The Chakras
  • How to Open The ChakrasHow to Open The Chakras
    How to Open The Chakras

    Our chakras are the gateway to our spiritual, physical and emotional health. If the chakras are not balanced, peace with oneself cannot be achieved. When we learn how to open chakras and we feel happier,…

  • Try This Chakra Meditation
    Try This Chakra Meditation

    Chakra meditation helps to strengthen weak chakras and will benefit your health, wisdom and happiness. If you need to recharge your body, mind and soul then using chakra meditation is an excellent way to revitalize you from the inside out. How to perform a chakra…

  • Color Therapy for the Chakras
    Color Therapy for the Chakras

    The seven chakras in our bodies control our mental attitudes and emotions. They can also reflect when there is an imbalance somewhere. You must first figure out which chakra is unbalanced. After you do that, find the color that corresponds to that chakra. You can…

Crystal Properties
  • Crystal Healing Meanings: A to F
    Crystal Healing Meanings: A to F

    Are you ready to use the power of crystals to get your life on track? This crystal guide gives you the meaning and benefits of various stones. You will find a description of the metaphysical properties for popular healing stones. Find out everything you need…

  • Crystal Healing Meanings: G to L
    Crystal Healing Meanings: G to L

    Garnet: Ranging in a multitude of colors, this stone heightens creativity and helps with the circulatory system. The brighter the stone is, the better it will work for you. It is used for help with exhaustion, strengthening blood, hormone balance, and fertility. It also helps…

  • Crystal Healing Meanings: M to R
    Crystal Healing Meanings: M to R

    Malachite: This stone has a steady flow of electromagnetic energy. It is used in healing and can clean the auric field by absorbing negativity. Place in all four corners of a room to cleanse of toxins. The stone must be cleansed daily. It will also…

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