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  • Using Essential  Oils to Balance the Chakras

    Using Essential Oils to Balance the Chakras

    Sometimes when you find an unbalanced or closed chakra, you can do some meditation or visualization to help unblock the chakra. You want them spinning and aligned properly, but the stress of life will get them out of alignment. There are some essential oil blends that may help with this problem. You can mix these up by using 30 drops of the specific oil to half an ounce of either Jojoba or Sweet Almond Oil. You could also add these into the bath or add a candle underneath and let them seep into the air around you. You should only use a certain blend of fragrances for about a week. After that, your nose will become used to the smell. Although you should see some improvement within the week. The essential oils you can blend for each chakra are as follows: Root: Yang Yang, Rosewood, Frankincense Sacral: Jasmine Solar Plexus: Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin Heart: Rose, Geranium Throat: Sandalwood, Myrrh, Chamomile Third Eye: Sage, Lavender, Rosemary Crown: Frankincense, Rosewood   Areas to anoint with oils: Root: Lower pelvic area, Buttocks Sacral: Lower back, pelvic area Solar Plexus: Underneath the rib cage Heart: Chest area Throat: Front and back of neck Third…

  • What is Reiki Nur Ilahi

    What is Reiki Nur Ilahi

    Reiki Nur Ilahi is pronounced Noor ee-loa-hee. In English means "divine ray of enlightenment." There are eight levels of these often referred to as Magam. This term means "state of divine accomplishment of your awareness" and those who are able to learn it can heal certain emotional, mental and physical illnesses as well as purify the soul and spirit. Unlike the other forms or Reiki, it does not use any symbols. The only prerequisite is that the person should already be a reiki master. This will make it easier for him or her to move from one level to the next since you just have to do affirmation to continue up the ladder. This is because after you reach level 8, there are still other Reiki techniques that you can learn. The main goal of Reiki Nur Ilahi is for the person to gain unity to both your self and God's consciousness. There are not that many schools that teach this technique. In fact, there is not that information about it but if you hard enough, you will find out that there are experts who prefer to give this training online. You will be emailed a detailed manual of the…

  • Reiki and Brain Waves

    Reiki and Brain Waves

    Brain wave patterns, when controlled, can allow you access to advanced states of consciousness. These include psychic advancement, spiritual growth, astral travel, and Reiki healing. You need only to open yourself up to learning to control these patterns and enter into them at will. Reiki is very beneficial to anyone who is trying to advance their conscious mind and awareness. The first is the Beta wave. This is the conscious mind. Here we suffer from stress, worry, and fears. It is imperative that we start to raise and function on the higher waves that follow. The second is the Alpha wave. This is the dreaming or unconscious mind. It also helps control our extrasensory perception, subliminal suggestions, and can take us to higher states of awareness. This is only a very minimal state -- the first stage. We can access hidden memories, visions of the future, or even past lives. Sometimes we even problem solve something that has been bothering us for weeks and wake up knowing the answer. The third is the Theta wave. This unlocks the subconscious mind. This wave is even deeper in extrasensory perception and can be the start of psychokinesis. It is the level that…

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