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  • Reiki For Your Stress Reduction

    Reiki For Your Stress Reduction

    If you want to get rid of stress that you may experience after work, Reiki is the answer to your problem. With this, you will feel a different form of relaxing and soothing comfort. Stress usually takes over when a person is fearful, doubtful, or full of worry about things that are happening around them. The person often lives in a constant tense state without realizing what is happening. The body naturally reacts with fatigue, moodiness and sometimes, disease. To relieve stress, one must learn to relax and overcome the fears and worries of everyday life. Reiki is greatly different from Yoga, even though both of them have the same main goal of promoting healing, relaxation and stress reduction. It also uses a different form of acquiring the so-called unseen life force energy. Reiki helps a person to relieve the emotional and physical strain of stress and to restore balance to the body, soul and mind. The person can return to a relaxed, peaceful state of being by clearing energy bodies and unblocking meridians, chakras and nadas. The Reiki technique believes that if the internal energy that transpires in a person's body is low, he is more likely to suffer…

  • What is Chakra Meditation?

    Chakra meditation is one of the more popular meditation techniques used today. Its philosophy is based upon the discovery or the search of the charkas. A charka can be considered as an energy point or force in the body that tries to govern different physical, mental and spiritual functions in an individual. It is the practice of awakening the charka in the body that is the aim of chakra meditation. According to the practice of chakra meditation, there are seven chakras located in the different parts of the body. Each one governs different bodily functions and may also provide different benefits when awakened through meditation. One of the charka is the Mooldhara or the "root place". This chakra is located somewhere in the cervix in women and in the perineum in men. It is said to govern the skeletal and the excretory system of the body. The Mooldhara may also affect the sense of smell as well as the legs and the cervix. Attributes to it include the basic life force, material attachment, procreation, and response to stimuli of labor for women. Another of the seven chakras is the Swadhistana or "place of one's abode". It can be located somewhere…

  • What is a Reiki Attunement?

    What is a Reiki Attunement?

    Most Reiki practitioners allow the energy of Reiki to flow through their hands and into the patient they are working on at the time. It is an attachment to the Universal Life Force that they are accessing to bring this healing power to people. As the practitioner goes through the many attunements for each level of Reiki, they will also learn the symbols that are drawn and repeated for maximum healing. Each level has its own symbols. Each attunement received by the student raises them to a higher frequency. The attunement can only be given by a Reiki Master because their connection to the Reiki frequency is so high that they can help you connect to it as well. An well known example is tuning in a radio station. You have listened to one all your life, but now want to go to another new higher one. Such is Reiki, you are just moving from one vibrational frequency to the next. As this happens, you become more aware and more attuned to may things. You will start to notice it a little at a time. Maybe you are more empathetic or maybe you can attract wildlife wherever you go. You…

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