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  • Reiki FAQ: A Quick Guide For Beginners

    Reiki FAQ: A Quick Guide For Beginners

    What is Reiki energy? Reiki energy is known as the Universal Life Force. It is also know as Ki, Qi, or Chi in different parts of China. It is taught to us by the Reiki Masters. We learn how to channel it after being attuned. Then we go forth and share it with other people. What does the Reiki energy feel like? For different people, it will feel like different things. Some have a spinning experience, some see bright colors, some have beautiful visions, and some feel nothing at all. They may also experience a warmth or a tingle depending on where the practitioner is. How does a Reiki treatment work? The practitioner starts the treatment at the crown chakra and go all the way down to the root chakra, opening any chakras that are blocked. Then they do each elbow and knee and them you flip over and they work on your back chakras. After they have opened all of these, you will flip one more time onto your back while they anchor in your affirmation and give thanks to you for letting them treat you. How does Reiki energy know where to go? If you have a specific…

  • Reiki Hand Positions You Can Use on Yourself and Others

    Reiki Hand Positions You Can Use on Yourself and Others

    Do you have reiki hands? In other words, reiki hands that can channel the universal life force energy given them from a reiki attunement? Reiki hands are a simple but highly effective form of hands on healing with an energy modality. Reiki is a holistic helping therapy that can work wonders on you and on others. Reiki hands can actually be learned by anyone with an open mind and a drive and willingness to learn. Bottom line is reiki and the use of reiki hands is a spiritual practice which does not really belong to any religion, but comes instead directly from the ultimate Divine Source. Now you may be thinking that is a lot of hogwash. We highly recommend you try it. It will not hurt you, and you will then experience for yourself what this healing art is really about. Are there other healing modalities that use energy? Yes, but reiki and reiki hands differ because they require you to receive an attunement to be able to fulfill your abilities. It's not difficult, and can make some really powerful changes in your life and in your ability to help others. Reiki and as a consequence of being attuned,…

  • What are the Reiki Symbols?

    What are the Reiki Symbols?

    Reiki symbols play a very important role in carrying out this unique form of spiritual and physical healing. At one point, they didn't have any names and were simply numbered from one to five. But later on, each one of them stood for something and here they are. The first is called Cho Ku Rei and is referred to as the Power Symbol. In simple terms, this means, "put all the power of the universe here." This allows the user to draw energy from the surroundings so you can focus it where you want it to. This can be used for aid in manifestation, cleanse negative energies, empower other Reiki symbols, for spiritual protection, spot treatments, and seal the energies after the treatment. Next is called Sei He Ki also known as the Mental Emotional symbol because it helps those who are suffering from an emotional or mental imbalance. Sei He Ki means "God and Humanity Becomes One." This enables the person to find activate Kundalini during meditations, balance between the left and right side of the brain, bring harmony and peace, cleansing, improve one's memory, clear blockages and aligns the upper chakras, provide psychic protection, remove addictions, bad energies…

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