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Celtic Reiki: Drawing Energy from Nature
Celtic Reiki: Drawing Energy from Nature

Martyn Pentacost, a Reiki Master in Britain, was applying Reiki to a dying tree when he had a revelation. The tree was reciprocating the healing energy back into his hands. After this experience, he traveled Britain studying and meditating with the Ogham trees that the ancient Druids knew well.

These particular trees have their own unique healing capabilities. In nature, most plants and trees do. The ogham trees work with the healing knowledge of the ancient Celtics and Druids.

Celtic Reiki combines Japanese methods with the Ogham trees healing power. The ancient Druids had probably already figured out he healing power of the trees.

They held most of their meetings and practice sessions inside a circle of these trees. The neat thing here is one does not have to touch the tree to share the energy, it can be drawn through the earth as well.

There are Ogham symbols that are in correlation to the modern Reiki symbols that are used. The Ogham symbols are like a Celtic alphabet and are used in magic and communication. The most powerful system is Ogham nan Crann which is the Tree Ogham.

There is also an ancient story about thorn trees that could heal. There are two sisters that are opposites of each other. One is dressed in all black and the other in all white. The dark one will run her hands all over your body, touching different spots that causes you pain. She speaks some incantations and draws the symbol for Blackthorn and blows it onto your body. All the negativity rises out of your subconscious. The white sister then comes in and draws the symbol for Hawthorn and blows it onto your body. All the negativity recedes with the light, the pain vanishes, and you feel wonderful. You then fall back into a nice easy restful sleep.

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