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Crystal Healing Meanings: S to Z
Crystal Healing Meanings: S to Z

Sapphire: A dark blue stone, it helps in communication, insight, and intuition. It is most strongest when placed next to the skin. It helps to lessen tension and align the physical, mental, and spiritual realms. Black Sapphires are the most protective.

Selenite: This is a type of gypsum stone with white striated crystals. It is used to work against the effects of cancer and helps to stabilize people that have epileptic episodes. The wearer must visualize the warm light bringing energy and healing to them. It may also help with issues of letting go.

Serpentine: Is a stone that works with the lower chakras as such it can help to alleviate any preoccupations you have with the physical world or with physical intimacy. Holding green Serpentine makes you feel like a new and refreshed person. It sheds away the layers of drama and baggage that were restricting your etheric flow. Its color helps to awaken you to the healing powers of nature.

Silver: This shiny stone can help wit issues of mental and emotional cleansing. It helps by giving a balance to your emotions. The stone is good for those with diminished memory and irrational fears. It is a less assertive stone than most others.

Sodalite: This crystal is recognized for its healing and meditation powers. It can help the wearer express themselves better due to the connection with the Throat chakra. It can assist you in being more objective and less critical of others and everyday happenings.

Tanzanite: This is a rare blue violet stone. It is a stone of magic that accentuates spiritual awareness and insight. It is also used in relieving depression. So named because it was found in Tanzania, this gorgeous stone helps to dispel negativity.

Tiger’s Eye: This stone is widely recognized an is used for money, courage, and luck. It amplifies thinking and helps you to bring your ideas to reality. It is used for centering and grounding and helps us recognize our strengths and weaknesses. It was known as he true balancer of Yin and Yang in ancient China.

Topaz: Is best known as a stone of love and good fortune, and is said to release tension and encourage relaxation. Topaz promotes openness and honesty, self-realisation and self-control. It is a lovely soothing, regenerating and stimulating crystal. It assists with finding solutions to problems and in expressing ideas.

Zircon: This stone comes in all colors, but is a clear crystal most of he time. It helps the wearer to see universal truths and have a connection with all that is. It helps to relieve depression and insomnia. It also was used back in history as a poison detoxifier.

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