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How to Open The Chakras
How to Open The Chakras

Our chakras are the gateway to our spiritual, physical and emotional health. If the chakras are not balanced, peace with oneself cannot be achieved. When we learn how to open chakras and we feel happier, healthier, and better balanced.

Lets explore the different ways to open your chakras on your own:

If you don’t want to go to a Reiki Master to get assistance with opening your chakras, there are some meditations (sometimes called Mudras) that you can try at home. They have special hand positions, and the power to send more energy to the ailing chakra. The sounds are chanted three to four times as you do a meditation for eight to ten breaths.

To open the Root chakra, the tips of your thumb and index finger should touch on both hands. Concentrate on the base of the spine. Chant the LAM sound.

To open the Sacral chakra, place your hands in your lap on top of each other with the palms up. The left hand should be under the right. The tips of the thumbs should be touching. Concentrating on the sacral bone in the back, chant the VAM sound.

To open the Solar Plexus chakra, place your hands in front of your stomach, below the ribcage. The fingers should join at the top, and point away from you.

Cross the thumbs and straighten the fingers. Concentrate on the Solar Plexus chakra and chant the RAM sound.

To open the Heart chakra, you must sit cross legged. The tips of your index finger and thumbs should be touching on both hands. Place your left hand on your left knee and the right hand in front of the lowest part of the sternum.

Concentrating on the heart chakra, chant the YAM sound.

To open the Throat chakra, cross your fingers inside your hands, no thumbs. The thumbs should touch at the top slightly pulled up. Concentrate on the Throat chakra and chant the HAM sound.

To open the Brow Chakra, place your hands on the lower part of the ribcage. The middle fngers should be straight with the tops touching,The thumbs point towards you with the tops touching. Concentrate on the Third Eye chakra and chant the OM sound.

To open the Crown chakra, place your hands near your stomach. The ring fingers should point upwards. Cross fingers with left thumb under he right one.

Concentrate on the Crown chakra while chanting the NG sound.

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