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  • Healing Others with Crystals

    Healing Others with Crystals

    Most crystal healers place the stone on the different parts of the body to heal the patient's soul, mind and body. If you are planning to help other people or even your family members, you have to know how to use these crystals. As your guide, here are the things you need to do to perform crystal healing: Make a list of the persons' diseases or complaints concerning their health. As much as possible, get the needed crystals that heal those specific issues. Then, have the patient lay on a flat surface which is convenient for them. Make sure that the surrounding is calm through turning off the lights. See to it that the patients are wearing loose and comfortable clothing. Then, gently put the crystals in the parts of their body wherein they feel any discomfort. Place the crystals on the chest for ailments pertaining to the soul and forehead for dream issues. While the crystals are layered in the person's body, start meditating in the room. Simply concentrate on the patient's ailments and the crystal's power. You also need to invite the patient to participate in you in meditation. It is said that the more mental energy flowing…

  • How To Program Crystals for Beginners

    How To Program Crystals for Beginners

    Intention and focus are the two of the most essential aspects to consider when programming crystals. These include healing, activation of chakras and protection. Even if your intention is in your program, you also need to know how to place your program into your stone. You have to focus when making the program for your crystal. When programming, you have to ensure that your stone is compatible with the purpose you have in mind. Say for instance, if you want to hold off the negative vibrations coming from your miserable co-workers, you have to use Black Tourmaline and not other types of crystals. Programming a crystal or any types of gemstone is one way of storing an energy pattern in the stone. The pattern energy programmed into the stone can be any thought, intention, sound, color, use, emotion or other vibrations. These vibrations can be accessed to restore the energies into their main purpose. If you want to program your crystals, here are the best tips you shouldn't miss to consider: Step 1: Clear Your Crystals – Whatever types of crystals and methods you prefer, you have to make them lucid. Then, sit down at your personal altar while holding…

  • Cleanse and Clear Your Crystals

    Cleanse and Clear Your Crystals

    Clearing a gemstone or crystal is key right after purchase. It may have many things attached to it on its way to be yours. A cleared crystal will feel bright and positive. If it feels hot and heavy, it probably needs to be cleared. Sea salt is the best way to clean your crystals. It will dispel any disease and negativity. It is also used as a psychic and physical disinfectant. It can be mixed with water or used dry. Place t stones in the container and let them soak overnight. If you are lucky enough to live by the ocean, you can bring the salt water in a jar and soak your crystals in it overnight. The light of the moon is also a powerful cleansing agent for stones. Place the stones outside during a full to new moon. Place necklaces in tree branches where the moon will be sure to hit them. The waning moon is a good time to dispel any negative energies from the stone. Don't place them in sunlight ever. The sun can fade the intricate color from the stones. It can also cause cracking or internal damage if they are left out too long…

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