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The Complete Guide To The 7 Chakras
The Complete Guide To The 7 Chakras

The Throat chakra correlates to that part of the mind that expresses and communicates. It can be any form of communication that the person is comfortable doing — Art, music, painting, sculpture, and poetry. This chakra also encourages listening to one’s own intuition and following the voice that leads you. After a while, you will the Universe supporting you in all that you do. Parts of the body associated with this chakra are throat, shoulders, arms, and hands. The color associated with this chakra is Sky Blue.

The Brow chakra is associated with the spiritual view and the Being within. This is also the unconscious mind that directs our actions and our life. From here, we can become aware of the motivation behind our actions. ESP is associated with this third eye chakra as well. It is the set of all our inner senses integrating with our outer senses. The element here is the Inner Sound. This is listening to your own self without the outside physical world involved. The color associated here is Lapis Lazuli.

The Crown chakra is mostly concerned with unity or separation issues. This is our root with our father. Not just our earthly father, but our Heavenly Father is included also. If there is tension in the head, that means that there is some form of tension in a specific part of the conscious mind. The person may feel like they are hiding from everyone and not seeing what is truly in their soul. This is the most hardest part to clarify. Accepting the truth about one’s situation can be mind-reeling until that mind can take time to meditate on the issue and finally accept it. If doing what made all of us happy worked, it would be a great life. The counter here is if we continue to do something that makes us unhappy, it can become a matter of our health becoming worse. The color that goes with this chakra is Violet.

The Root chakra correlates to our survival, security, and trust. This deals with issues of finance, shelter, and job. The person is secure and grounded in the here and now if the chakra is open. Insecurity and fear means the chakra is blocked. The parts controlled by this chakra include the legs, the skeletal system, and elimination system. The color for this chakra is red.

We also need to find out what the symptoms are and when they started as this will take us back to the original problem. This chakra is also the one that keeps us grounded to Mother Earth. It also represents the relationship between us and our own mother. If you were raised by a loving mother, you should have a clear and open chakra. But if you were abused or neglected, this chakra will be blocked. Thus your relationship becomes a model for security and home.

The Sacral chakra correlates to the parts of our minds that deal with food and sex. It is about what the body wants or needs, and what the body finds pleasurable. Parts controlled by this chakra include the reproductive system, the abdomen, stomach, spleen, skin, muscular system, the face muscles and the lumbar region in the back. The color for this chakra is orange.

Taste and the element of water are associated with this chakra as well. If someone does not have a clear chakra, they may be afraid to go out in a boat or go swimming. They may also have no appetite or enjoyment of food as their taste will be bland. This goes back to what this chakra controls in the body. It also is key as to whether the person is willing to feel their emotions or let them stay hidden inside. Then the digestive system will go awry. Everything has a consequence once our chakras become unaligned.

The Solar Plexus Chakra has to do with our feelings of power and control. If your Sacral chakra is clear, you are quite comfortable with who you are. If it is closed, you self-esteem has been broken down. The pancreas, liver and gallbladder are also associated with this chakra. The sense of sight is also controlled here. Nearsighted people may have insecure feelings about the world around them. Farsighted people see the world though anger. People with astigmatisms see the world with a lot of confusion. These people usually have poor self-esteem and need to be pushed to get where they are capable of going, whereas those with a clear chakra accept themselves for who they are.

The pancreas is the key organ for this chakra. Diabetes develops when the pancreas is not working correctly. Could it be that Diabetes is some emotion that is kept hidden and not sown to the world? Anger? Shame? Embarrassment? The emotions creates a safe distance to keep you from feeling what you need to and dealing with it.

The Heart chakra is associated with relationships and perceptions of love from people around us — Spouses, children, siblings, parents, and friends. The circulation of blood through the heart and lungs are associated with this chakra as well as the thymus gland that helps to control the immune system. This chakra also correlates with someone having difficulty breathing. The difficulty is either breathing in or out as with love. Should you let the person go or stay in your life a little longer?

These people also do not like to be touched a lot. They are quite sensitive and so this tells us something is wrong with the heart chakra. Even when getting a back rub from a trusted spouse or friend, they do not enjoy and sit there and wait for it to be over wondering why they went through with this. The person rubbing may catch those feelings and be able to relate them to the heart chakra.

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